This page notes the various communication channels and social profiles used by the site maintainer.

Communication channels

Matrix (Preferred)

Messages can be sent to via Matrix, an open protocol for decentralised, secure communications.


Emails can be written to An OpenPGP key is provided for encryption, which can be downloaded here or retrieved from a keyserver. Note that responses may be slower than with Matrix.

Key details

pub   ed25519/F9CCC4FF16084430 2023-07-15 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = F6FC 1CFE 4E56 CDEB 3DF7 AC09 F9CC C4FF 1608 4430
uid                 [ unknown] <>
sub   cv25519/E3851D3C603275E7 2023-07-15 [E]

Social profiles


A Mastodon profile is available at


A GitHub profile is available at